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JuggleMaster is a siteswap animator. If you know what that is, great. If you don't, you can just download the program and look at some of the builtin patterns, without understanding the notation.

JuggleMaster is mostly due to two people; Ken Matsuoka who did the original work on the core library, coming out with JuggleMaster for DOS sometime in the 1995-6 region, and Per Johan Groland, who ported it to C++ and did some other funky bits.

I've been adding some funky gui bits and other assorted features to it, and what is what you'll find here.


Are these just a little too static for you? Below are a couple links to what the print button does for you:



Windows Users: You want this file. You need nothing else, just extract it and run what you find.



It probably builds on some others, too, but I've not tried recently.


Thanks to a healthy amount of portable core code, JuggleMaster has ports to many systems.

Currently the src directory in the JuggleMaster tree includes:

Mailing List

To subscribe, please sign up here: http://icculus.org/mailman/listinfo/jugglemaster/

To mail to the list, just e-mail jugglemaster@icculus.org. You must be a subscriber to post.


How JuggleMaster validates patterns: validate.txt

How JuggleMaster generates random patterns: random.txt

Extra Things

Here are a few things you're unlikely to find in any other juggling programs:

There's even an AALib version, that comes with a long list of example Stupid Abuses that you can do with it.

Notation References

siteswap.org, for the actual notation this program uses at it's core

The only reference out there that I've been able to find on Styles [and it's an excellent reference, actually. Only one step away from reading the source :-)] would be the one on Toshiyuki Mori's page. "Styles" Are what describes where the hands move, independant of the siteswap they're juggling

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